Backyard Haircuts


Meet the Band

Powered by maté and cigarettes, Backyard Haircuts are a Portland based indie-rock band who look for fame by being featured in a taco bell commercial. DIY music videos and self-recorded EP’s will keep you on the lookout for new content on youtube, spotify, and instagram.


Backyard Haircuts at The Lombard St. Pub, Nov. 2018



The band began with singers/guitarists Tyler Alford and Kyle Gray writing and recording an EP, A Little Off the Top. Later, they were joined by an old band mate, Erik Norseth, to play lead guitar and sing, Jacob Cline for drums, and David Daniels for bass to create an ensemble of leather jacket wearing punks that play garage rock out of a basement. From heartfelt ballads, to energetic pop-punk, to in-your-face-grunge-rock breakdowns, the Backyard Haircuts brings a diverse sound that encourages everyone to sing, dance, and head-bang along. 



Jacob Cline

Tyler Alford
Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Erik Norseth
Lead Guitar/Vocals

Kyle Gray

David Daniels